The age of shinobi is nigh. A new generation of ninja warriors rise after 100 years. There is little to no peace in this world of devastating wars and conflict...
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 Guideline: Stats

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PostSubject: Guideline: Stats   Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:57 am


What are the stats?
A ninja must hone his or skills through more than one method, one of which being the training of stats. They define how fast you may move, react, or even display the differences in strength between one or more ninja. A training system has been developed to increase the ranking level of each stat. Not all stats may be equal to each other after training one or more areas, so everyone can be at different levels of power in different fields.

Now, just what are these stats that you have to train up in order to become the strongest? There are five of them, and all play a key role in character development. Any of these can be trained up, or they can be left alone. It all depends on you. If you want to focus on one stat specifically, you have the ability to do so.

  • Strength: The physical property of a ninja displaying the capabilities of their muscles. Determines how much one can carry, or overpower in combat. The higher the rank, the more damage that can be dealt to a target by punching and/or kicking. Someone with Rank S strength can easily destroy a building or crack the earth with their fists.
  • Endurance: The physical property of a ninja displaying how much exertion their bodies can withstand. Determines how long they can last in and outside of combat. The higher the rank, the longer they can go. Someone with Rank S endurance is capable of taking on long periods of exerting energy.
  • Speed: The physical property of a ninja displaying just how fast their movements are. Determines how quick one can travel in or outside of combat. The higher the rank, the faster someone can move. 
  • Reaction Time: The physical property of a ninja displaying how long it takes to respond to oncoming attacks. Determines how fast one can counter or maneuver around a someone's actions.
  • Perception: The physical property of a ninja displaying their awareness of what is going on around them. Determines how well they can sense the area around them and see through enemy points.

Those are all the stats that are to be trained and what they are. What's really important to know is how you can train them up to become a more capable ninja. It is yet another simple concept that I am positive you all will be able to remember. Everything you will need to know is detailed down below.

Training Stats

For each of the five stats, there are eight ranks to train through with five tiers within them. There is a certain amount of word count to complete and a small sum of ryo to pay in order to improve your stats. To move onto the next rank and tiers, you must complete the one prior to it. Example, finishing all five tiers of E-Rank would allow for you to work on D-Rank. There is no skipping.

When you do train the stats, you must post in the training thread and wait for approval for the results to be final. Look below for the requirements for training.

  • E-Rank

          Tier I: 50 words | 0 ryo cost
          Tier II: 75 words | 0 ryo cost
          Tier III: 100 words | 0 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 125 words | 0 ryo cost
          Tier V: 150 words | 0 ryo cost

  • D-Rank

          Tier I: 175 words | 25 ryo cost
          Tier II: 200 words | 50 ryo cost
          Tier III: 225 words | 75 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 350 words | 100 ryo cost
          Tier V: 375 words | 125 ryo cost

  • C-Rank

          Tier I: 400 words | 150 ryo cost
          Tier II: 425 words | 175 ryo cost
          Tier III: 450 words | 200 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 475 words | 225 ryo cost
          Tier V: 500 words | 250 ryo cost

  • B-Rank

          Tier I: 525 words | 275 ryo cost
          Tier II: 550 words | 300 ryo cost
          Tier III: 575 words | 325 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 600 words | 350 ryo cost
          Tier V: 625 words | 375 ryo cost

  • A-Rank

          Tier I: 650 words | 400 ryo cost
          Tier II: 675 words | 425 ryo cost
          Tier III: 700 words | 450 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 725 words | 475 ryo cost
          Tier V: 750 words | 500 ryo cost

  • S-Rank

          Tier I: 775 words | 550 ryo cost
          Tier II: 800 words | 600 ryo cost
          Tier III: 825 words | 650 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 850 words | 700 ryo cost
          Tier V: 875 words | 750 ryo cost

  • SS-Rank

          Tier I: 1000 words | 800 ryo cost
          Tier II: 1200 words | 900 ryo cost
          Tier III: 1300 words | 1000 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 1500 words | 1100 ryo cost
          Tier V: 2000 words | 1200 ryo cost

  • SSS-Rank

          Tier I: 3000 words | 1500 ryo cost
          Tier II: 4000 words | 1750 ryo cost
          Tier III: 5000 words | 1950 ryo cost
          Tier IV: 6000 words | 2500 ryo cost
          Tier V: 7000 words | 3500 ryo cost
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Guideline: Stats
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