The age of shinobi is nigh. A new generation of ninja warriors rise after 100 years. There is little to no peace in this world of devastating wars and conflict...
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 Face Claim List

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PostSubject: Face Claim List   Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:38 pm

We are going to be providing you with a list of all face claims that will hopefully help you in making one of the many decisions for your character. You can also catch up on the rules of FC in here, so be sure to look at them when you get the chance.

  • Face Claims of characters who have died are made available for anyone to take. Of course, there must be adjustments made so that they don't become the same person who just died. Change of appearance and personality, for example.
  • If someone is inactive for over 2 months, then anyone can snag their face claim for their own character.

The order of this list is alphabetical, so just follow through to make sure a certain character is available for use. Going on, face claims come from any manga/anime/movie/game. So, you're choices are nice and vast. That means, you can't fight over anything if what you wanted got taken already. 


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Face Claim List
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