The age of shinobi is nigh. A new generation of ninja warriors rise after 100 years. There is little to no peace in this world of devastating wars and conflict...
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 Guideline: Ryo & Bank

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PostSubject: Guideline: Ryo & Bank   Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:57 am

In the RP, it will be important to have a source of money to make purchases or build up your funds for yourself and/or village. This brings forth a few different points that need to be known in order for you to have to keep in mind to prevent things from getting way confusing...

What is Ryō & How can it be Earned?

Ryō is the main currency of the RP and is a source of wealth for all shinobi. It is often used to purchase items or equipment, but it is also used to buy Jutsu that have been trained for. There are a few different ways to obtain more ryō in the RP...

  • You can obtain more money through certain events that have prize money as a reward for winning.
  • Take on missions and successfully complete them in order to receive a varying amount of money.
  • Posting does earn you a very small amount of ryō, too, but it is not recommended to rely on this alone.
  • Lending money out to another individual is permitted, but only if you meet with them IC.

Storing Ryō

So, what do you have to do in order to store your money for safe keeping? All you have to do is have an account set up with your village's bank. These savings can only be accessed by the owner of that money, no one else. Like a real life bank, you make withdrawals and deposit cash. To have this useful option, you must fill out an application HERE and wait for staff approval. Once approved, you are free to deposit and withdraw.

Mission & Village Earnings

To see how much you ryō you can gain from certain missions, go to the mission board and you can view it in a mission's description. What you really need to know here is how a village (or organization) is funded and how you are contributing to it. 

When you complete a mission and receive your payment, there is a small amount of ryō taken out and given to the village's total funds. The total taken is only 10% of what you earn. So, if you were to earn 600 ryō, 60 would be deducted, and you would officially be awarded with 540 ryō.
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Guideline: Ryo & Bank
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