The age of shinobi is nigh. A new generation of ninja warriors rise after 100 years. There is little to no peace in this world of devastating wars and conflict...
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 Guideline: Traveling

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PostSubject: Guideline: Traveling   Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:53 am

In the ninja world, traveling from place to place is essential. Ninja may have to travel to another nation to complete a mission, or a rogue ninja must escape to a new country to hide out from authorities. To travel from place to place, there is a guide that you all must follow. 

Travel Rules

To get from one country to the next, or to a certain destination that is outside of your village, there are a few requirements that must be followed in order for it to be a valid travel. Those requirements are shown below.

  • A minimum of three posts in a travel thread must be made. Each post portrays the amount of days it takes to reach your destination. 
  • Ninja of the Hidden Villages must have approval from their respective Kage to travel to another village. Permission is to be given IC, unless the Kage is unavailable. Otherwise, approval from a staff member is required.
  • Genin and lower may not travel alone. For their safety, another ninja who is at least Chuunin must accompany them.
  • Failure to consult the Kage (or Mod) may result in being classified as a Missing-nin and you will be hunted down by your village's authorities.
  • Have your topic marked with [Travel to _____] to let the staff know that you are traveling.
  • Additional threads cannot be created while you are traveling.

Travel Intervention

While you are in the middle of a journey, it is possible for someone to intervene and confront you during your travels. You might be attacked, or another member may want to accompany you. Or, it is the authorities seeking to apprehend you if you chose to go rogue.

  • If attacked during the travel period, the attacker and traveler must be of the same rank or one rank higher than the other (or vice versa). That being said, a Genin or D-Rank ninja cannot intervene a Jounin ranked ninja's thread, nor can it go the other way around. That is only if either one is intent on attacking.
  • To escape from an attacker during your travel post, you can either attempt to incapacitate or kill them, or you can cause a distraction of some kind to get away.


Something to know about the traveling system on this site is the matter of distances from one location to the next. The number of days it takes to reach the target location is represented by the number of posts you must do. Use this example to calculate how many posts it will take to get where you want. Just use the map to guide yourself. 

  • Konoha to Suna [3 days = 3 posts]
  • Konoha to Valley of the End [2 days = 2 posts]
  • Konoha to Oto [2 days = 2 posts]
  • Konoha to Iwa [3 days = 3 posts]
  • Konoha to Taki [2 days = 2 posts]
  • Konoha to Kusa [2 days = 2 posts]
  • Konoha to Ame [2 days = 2 posts]
  • Konoha to Kiri [5 days = 5 posts]
  • Konoha to Kumo [3 days = 3 posts]

Should you have any questions regarding the systems, message me at any given time and I will try to get to you ASAP.
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Guideline: Traveling
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